Everyone deserves a night out.  Whether it be for half price shakes at Sonic or a fancy meal at one of the best restaurants in town.  The BOILERROOM gains most of its charm, and its name for that matter, from the fact that the restaurant is in an old boiler room.  This place is easily the best restaurant that I have ever been to and the service is fantastic.  They specialize in pork and every couple of weeks they get an entire pig.  As a result of this our meal, which was pork, tasted so fresh and juicy.  I have never ate anything with this much flavor and richness.  What we ordered is as follows:


  • t.d. niche farm’s berkshire porchetta:  salsa verde, heirloom polenta, house sausage, roasted radish, grilled asparagus.

Cheese Platter

  • ghislaine (washed rind goat’s milk, nebraska)
  • charmoix (trappist style cow’s milk, belgium)
  • ascutney mountain (raw cow’s milk, vermont)
  • blackberry mint jam
  • honey
  • carameled nuts


  • blackberry rhubarb crisp:  rhubarb sauce, mint leaves, local rhubarb, vanilla gelato.



The Pines

I’ve always thought that to be a proper adult you must know how to golf.  Golf is one of those sports that I always feel so classy playing, even on a bad day.  This day may have been a great day for all of the animals who added my golf balls to their collections, but it was also a great day because of the beautiful weather and being able to spend it with amazing people.  Knowing how to golf doesn’t mean being good at it, but being able to enjoy the day and appreciate the good company is always one for the books.


My life is a mess. 

My name is Sarah Morse and my life is a mess. I subscribe to lifestyle bloggers on YouTube and all I can hope for is to be like them. A lot of the time it’s hard for me to keep up with them because they are already adults and have jobs and are on their own. They own houses and can travel, while I’m confined to my room in the Midwest. That’s where things are about to change. 

I’ve spent my entire high school career trying to figure out who I am and what I want to be. Each year I changed who I was, new friends and new persona. I’m about to go to college and now is the best time for me to finally be who I want to be. I’m starting fresh. Getting a new space that isn’t bringing me down. I’m ready for the new me. 

I know nothing about beauty or fashion or home decor. I am not a lifestyler. Not yet at least. This blog is a place where I can express my struggles with DIY projects, makeup tutorials, and everything a lifestyler needs to know. I will struggle. So my idea was, why not enlighten other people who aspire to live a better life, but don’t know where to start. 

I guess that’s where this blog comes into play.